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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Out on the Town with Misti Dawn

So...Yesterday Misti Dawn and I desided to go dance in OC. I wanted to go to my old work. Ecstasy strip club is a nice place and I made good money. Found out late in the game that my dj friend Tony was on vacation. When we got to Ecstasy they said only Tony could approve us cuz he is the main Manager :( We'd have to come back Tuesday. That didnt help us much as we were ready to dance NOW!....So, I remembered a bunch of girls from Ecstasy moved on to the Hustler Club in Westminster. We drove down and were able to dance minus the fact they wanted our blood, breath and urine!! LOL I'm kidding! However, they wanted our social security cards even tho we had two valid forms of ID. Who in their right mind would carry their social on them and to a STRIP CLUB noless?!?!?! That's just asking for identity theft! Haha! To top it all this guy wanted a copy of our LA Pink when we couldn't even get in to dance. He said if we talked to the manager he might be able to work something out but we had to audition first!! We are frucking pornstars that have feature danced and he wanted us to audition!!!! Then after auditioing we could talk to the great and powerful OZ! But we couldnt work cuz we didnt have socials but we couldnt talk until we worked....AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! FUCK IT!

Oh god..Im stoned. I will tell you the rest tomorrow.